#SaveRGVMissionTrails Campaign

Save Mission Trails

A campaign by the Valley Off-Road Bicycling Association (VORBA)


Mission Hike & Bike Trails, located in Mission, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley are at risk of losing land and single track trail to the Mission Trap and Skeet Club (MSTC) as agreed upon by the City of Mission during a city council meeting on August 9, 2021 . About 2.25 acres of land along the segment called “Psychopath”are at risk of being acquired by the MSTC as part of their expansion and contract with the Mission Police Department. These trails are located on land owned by the City of Mission and overseen by its Parks and Recreation Department. They are part of the original trails established back in 1998 by various mountain bike clubs and volunteers.

This petition respectfully requests that the Mission Hike & Bike Trails be unmodified as they currently exist and to prevent future expansion at the cost of loss of trail by the MSTC or other city projects. The limited availability of green space in the McAllen-Mission area and sparse outdoor recreational locations for wellness make any loss of trail a cause for concern by the community who utilize these trails at a greater number than privately owned clubs with limited access to members only. The Rio Grande Valley has the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in Texas and the U.S., with 80% of our population considered obese and 1 in 3 persons diagnosed as diabetic. Mission Trails are just one of a few green spaces the community can visit for physical activity. This green space also promotes mental wellness, serving a vital function in our community during the a global pandemic that has created a greater need for such spaces.

If you are a mountain biker, trail runner, trail builder, event organizer, volunteer, or simply a concerned citizen who helps maintain and/or wants continued access to this trail system as it exists today, please sign this petition. This petition demonstrates that this designated green space should remain unaltered for citizens of the Rio Grande Valley to utilize.  


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